At half Helen, we are committed to improving school-age children’s vision and hearing through high quality screening, innovative research, and dedicated advocacy. hH works with families and schools to strengthen children’s social and emotional development and academic success by catching and treating preventable vision and hearing impairments early.

About Half Helen

Executive Director Chelsea Elliott was a young child when she learned she was blind in her left eye and  deaf in her right ear. After learning about Helen Keller, Chelsea declared, I am half-blind and half-deaf. I am half-Helen!– a childhood nickname now inextricably linked to her future. When she finished college in 2013, Chelsea used her graduation money to found half Helen Foundation (hH).

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Here at half Helen, we are always on the lookout for motivated individuals looking to make an impact in their community.

No matter how large or small, every donation makes a difference. With your help, we can provide health services to millions of children. Join us in our mission to change the world, one screening at a time.

In the News

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