optical Prime Adult Care


Vision impairment is one of the top ten disabilities among adults 18 years and older. To address this need, half Helen is partnering with community service providers across Central Texas and expanding our eye clinic offerings. When schools are closed, optical Prime will set up clinic days and offer eye care to adult patients. These clinics will be essential to the long-term success of the optical Prime program. Revenue generated from adult clinics will help fund the school-based services we offer throughout the year.


Lone Star Circle of Care at
El Buen Samaritano

January/Enero: 20

February/Febrero: 17

March/Marzo: 13, 24

Goodwill Central Texas – Wells Beanch

January/Enero: 27

February/Febrero: 24

March/Marzo: 3, 14, 31

Volunteer Health Clinic

People’s Community Clinic

February/Febrero: 10

March/Marzo: 16, 17

Lone Star Circle of Care – Bastrop

February/Febrero: 3

March/Marzo: 10

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