Maui 528

In 1995, the state of Hawaii discontinued all statewide vision and hearing screening services in public schools due to budgetary restrictions. This means that for the past 19 years, children throughout the state have not received routine, in-school screenings.

To address this issue, we successfully launched a sustainable, community-based vision wellness program initiative called “Maui 528,” which provides free preventive vision screenings and comprehensive follow-up services to children in all public schools on the islands of Maui and Lanai. Since launching the initiative in 2014, we have worked extensively with the Lions Clubs of Maui and gained support from the community and public officials, including Mayor Arakawa of Maui County and former Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii.

The name “Maui 528” refers to the total number of hours it will take to screen each student on Maui and Lanai. To date, we have screened over 6,600 students in 23 schools. Our goal is to screen all 21, 119 students in the 33 schools across the county. If each child’s screening takes roughly 90 seconds, then we will spend an estimated 528 hours conducting screenings. That’s a lot of time!

We need your help to keep the momentum of this program going! Since Maui 528 is a community-centered project, its success depends heavily on donations and local volunteers. Please consider donating today or volunteering with us if you are on the island!