Volunteer Opportunities 2024

For more information about volunteer positions, please fill out this form or call 737-615-4233 and choose option 3.


Eye Care Ambassador (Spanish-speaking Needed) 

Volunteers represent half Helen during community events, help prospective patients and parents learn about half Helen’s mobile eye clinic, and assist in scheduling appointments. We could especially use the help of bilingual-Spanish volunteers. Eye Care Ambassadors attend mostly evening and weekend events with a few morning opportunities. Ambassadors will play a key role in back to school events for our 69 school partners. All Eye Care Ambassadors must attend a one-hour training. After the training, they are provided with opportunities via email.

Spanish-speaking Office Volunteer (11-1pm, half Helen Main Office)

Office volunteers help to answer the phone, dispense glasses to adult patients, and schedule appointments. Must be able to speak Spanish fluently. 

Assistant Vision and Hearing Screeners (September – December, Various Locations)

Volunteers travel to schools to assist half Helen certified screeners in completing vision and hearing screenings for elementary and middle school children. Volunteers must have a valid photo ID. Great for 1-2 people per shift. Shifts available M-F 8am-2pm.

Prepare Glasses  (October – April, half Helen Main Office)

Volunteers help track which glasses are ready to dispense and ensure each pair of glasses has a case, cleaning cloth, child’s prescription and usage instructions. Great for individuals and groups of 5-6 volunteers. Shifts available M-F between 9am and 4pm.

Glasses Day for Children (October – April by appointment)

Volunteers interact directly with children to dispense glasses to children at their school during the school day. Volunteers check-in children, learn to assess the fit of glasses and make adjustments and provide instructions for wearing and caring for their new glasses. Great for individuals and groups of 5-6 volunteers. Glasses Day takes about 2 hours, generally occurring M-F between 8:30am and 2pm.


Volunteer Opportunities 2021

For more information about volunteer position, please contact Meghan at meghan@halfhelen.org or call 737-615-4233 and choose option 5.

Data Manager – Helping Children See Clearly (In-person or Virtual)

One in every four children fail their vision screening and are referred for a comprehensive eye exam. This is the only way to accurately diagnosis vision impairment and the prescription a child needs to treat their blurry vision and eliminate permanent vision loss. In addition to comprehensive eye exams, half Helen will also provide every child who receives a prescription with glasses.

half Helen requires parental consent before performing a comprehensive eye exam. In partnership with schools, we collect consent through a combination of paper and electronic forms. As a volunteer data manager, you will use a series of spreadsheets to determine which students were referred for and have parental consent to receive a comprehensive eye exam.

  • 1-5 hours per week, flexible on when you volunteer

Glasses Pick-up for Adult – Fitting and Notification

Help adults see clearly by dispensing free prescription glasses. Learn to use the frame warmer and help fit prescription glasses for adult patients at the half Helen office on Glasses Pick-up Day. Between patients, log which glasses are ready for pick-up and text and call patients to let them know their glasses are ready. We have an app you can download to your mobile phone so it looks like you are calling and texting from our phone number. Bilingual-Spanish helpful.

  • 1-5 hours per week, 1-5 hours per week, Monday – Friday 8am-3pm

Administrative Work (In-person or Virtual)

Log glasses received at the half Helen office, prepare student check-in lists and wearing instructions, make appointment reminder calls/texts, help schedule or reschedule adult eye exam appointments, etc. (Bilingual-Spanish helpful.)

Glasses Day for Children (M-F, 8-2 by appointment)

Help dispense glasses to children at their school during the school day. Volunteers check-in children, learn to use the frame warmer to fit glasses for comfort, and provide instructions for wearing and caring for their new glasses.