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Share your story!

At half Helen, we strive to help people see the world clearly. From being able to read your favorite book, to navigating the world around you, we understand how important clear eyesight is. If you have had the chance to visit our mobile clinic, we want to know how your new glasses changed your life. 

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En half Helen, nuestro objetivo es ayudar a las personas a ver el mundo con claridad. Desde poder leer su libro favorito hasta navegar por el mundo en el que vive, entendemos lo importante que es tener una vista clara. Si has tenido la oportunidad de visitar nuestra clínica móvil, queremos saber cómo su nuevo par de lentes cambió su vida.

Edward Miles

When Edward put on his brand new prescription glasses he looked around and exclaimed, “Wow, look how sharp everything is again!” Edward shared that he had been wearing the same glasses for the past three years. With his old glasses the world around him blurred together, and he struggled to distinguish dimension and clear crisp edges of objects. He had almost forgotten what it was like to see people and places clearly. Edward was very excited to have new glasses and very appreciative of regaining clear vision.

Ron Erwin

Ron is a musician. He has played drums for a number of groups from Willie Nelson to Ray Wylie Hubbard. Ron didn’t realize his vision was blurry until an optometrist friend provided him with an eye exam a few years ago. He has worn prescription glasses ever since. Ron is grateful that half Helen could provide him with an eye exam to update his prescription - he needs bifocal now - and replace his glasses that are all scratched up.

Maria Lopez

When Maria’s glasses broke, she resorted to wearing an even older pair, which left her vision blurry. Maria was so happy to pick up her new prescription glasses. She commented on how convenient the entire process was especially because half Helen provides eye exam appointments on optical Prime outside of her primary care facility.