At half Helen, we are committed to improving children’s vision and hearing through innovative screening, research, and advocacy.


Currently, millions of children lack access to high-quality, affordable preventive vision and hearing screenings. So why is this a problem? Because 1 in 4 children aged 5-17 have a vision problem, and almost 15 percent of children in the U.S. have a hearing impairment. Many of these conditions often times show no symptoms, and when left untreated, can greatly affect a child’s learning abilities and sense of self. Despite the high percentage of children who present with vision and hearing impairments, eight states still fail to require in-school vision screenings.

hH works with families and schools to provide these crucial vision and hearing screenings for free, in turn improving children’s academic success and social and emotional development.


Looking for quality and affordable options for state-required vision and hearing screenings? Click the link below to learn more about half Helen’s services and schedule your screenings.

MAUI 528

In 2014, Chelsea landed in Maui, HI to launch hH’s first vision health initiative, Maui 528. A social entrepreneur, Chelsea used the island as an incubator to develop a scalable vision program using photoscreening technology.