Ashcon Habibi

Director of Special Services, Austin Achieve Public Schools

Ashcon Habibi has spent over 15 years in public education as an educator, administrator, and leader, primarily serving students with disabilities.   He currently serves as Senior Director of Special Services for Austin Achieve Public Schools, a public charter school district preparing East Austin youth to attend and excel at top universities.  

In his time with Austin Achieve, he has overseen the creation and expansion of special programs directly serving the needs of an exponentially growing student population.  Ashcon has led in the creation, implementation, and staffing of outcome changing special programs including inclusion and resource support, self-contained classrooms, speech therapy, occupational therapy, dyslexia services, vision and hearing services, orientation and mobility, and targeted positive behavior supports, ensuring that the district has the ability to serve each and every child to the fullest regardless of type and severity of disability.

Ashcon has witnessed first-hand the importance of early screening and vision care in schools, and the impact it can make in a student’s education and beyond. Ashcon passionately believes that each child should have the right and access to appropriate screening tools and treatment, ultimately maximizing the potential and experience of life through functional vision for all.

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