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How do you move a tiny house from school to school? With a Ford F350, that’s how!

Mobility probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you picture a tiny house. Sure, while these units are efficient and resourceful when it comes to making the most of limited space, they aren’t known to travel around that often once they have been assembled.

Lucky for hH, our contractor, John King Construction, specializes in making client’s dreams come true!  Optical Prime is built on a custom-made trailer reinforced with steel beams every 16 1/2” – making it durable on the open road. All of the subcontractors met for hours just to discuss how every piece of mechanical equipment and electrical fittings on the unit could be reinforced during installation to sustain the many miles Optical Prime will travel to serve Central Texas. Even the interior drywall is being hung with care to prevent cracking! Onboard, the unit will have running water in both optical lanes. The generator to power Optical Prime and three extra diesel tanks will be mounted to Ford 350. One thing is for sure, we’re going to need some significant horse-power to move down the road.

Optical Prime Frame

Our friends at Covert Ford have been some of our biggest supporters and always come through when we need a set of wheels. When we launched Optical Prime Jr., we turned to them to help us find a cargo van that would haul all of our equipment. As Optical Prime has grown to a 32’ tiny house, Covert Ford has helped us secure the right vehicle to continue our mission.

The exterior wrap for Optical Prime is being designed by Kerry Hilton, a co-founder of HCB Health, Austin’s premiere, full-service marketing firm, specializing in health related entities. Kerry was the creator of our hH logo! We are happy and fortunate to have Kerry on this project!

Optical Prime Frame

Keep an eye out for us, we’ll be hitting the road soon!