Introducing swift Screen™.

A faster way to conduct screenings, a better way to collect data.

Screen More Efficiently

About swift Screen

After two years of vision and hearing screenings in central Texas schools, half Helen Foundation (hH) started developing a mobile app that would enable screeners to input screening results at the point of screening. First hand experience working and screening in schools helped hH design a mobile app and data dashboard that cuts the screening process time in half, giving nurses more valuable time back.

Intuitive Features

How it Works

Available on iPad and Android, screeners simply download the app from the Apple or Google Play store and input their unique username and password. Once logged into the app, the school-based administrator can upload a list of students to be screened to the web-based dashboard.

Once data is entered, screeners can view results and email (and print) referral letters through the web-based dashboard. After screenings are complete, the school-based administrator can export a master list of all screening results and import the data into their student information system (SIS).  


  • Easy to upload data and use immediately
  • Reduces screening time by 56%
  • Automates parental notification via email
  • Seamlessly Integrates Spot VS and sends parents comprehensive vision results
  • Data export for uploading to Student Information System
  • Prepares data for required health department reporting


What You Get

Secure Screener Login

Create password protected accounts for screeners and track individual productivity.

Add Students on Location

New student? Not a problem. Screeners can add students on location through the app.

Automated Data Collection

Manage data all in one place and eliminate the need to upload information from multiple sources.

Individual Student Reports

Search for students and create comprehensive reports for parents and health care professionals.

At a Glance Trends

Grade level results. Quickly identify students that may need help with follow up care.

School Leader Dashboard

View school reports and send results to parents directly though the app.

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